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Tutoring Services

     -  SAT/ACT Prep

     -  GRE, GED, GMAT, ASVAB, and other Exam Preps

     -  High School Math Tutoring, Calculus, Algebra, Statistics

     -  College Math Tutoring, Statistics, Quantitative Methods

     -  Reading, Writing, Language Arts

     -  Science, Social Studies

     -  Physics, Chemistry, Biology

We offer free assessment tests for:

     -  Pre-School

     -  Elementary School

     -  Middle School

     -  High School

Special preparation available for Virginia students taking the SOL (Standards of Learing) in:

     -  Language Arts

     -  Mathematics

     -  Science

We want to let you know that our rates are competitive and I prefer to reduce our prices based on certain conditions. 


If for some reason you’re interested in group or collective tutoring, we’ll negotiate a reduced rate, depending on how many students will be in the group.  In other words, different factors will govern our rates; these include subject difficulty, distance to be travelled by tutor, and academic level.